What Skills To Be Good Counsellor

Counsellors play an intimate and personal role for individuals and couples alike which is why these professionals need to have specific traits if they are going to be effective.

Of course, counsellors all have their own approach, and this is a good thing given that everyone they help is different. However, without certain skills to serve as a foundation, a counsellor can only hope to make an impact.

In no specific order, here are some of the fundamental skills one should look for in a professional counsellor.

Friendly And Approachable

Firstly, you want the counsellor to be inviting and friendly, right from the start. Given that counselling is based on sharing very personal information, it is important to feel like you can connect with your counsellor.

An Open Mind

In plain and straightforward terms, there is no room for tunnel-vision within a counselling session. Everyone involved, especially the counsellor, needs to go into a session with an open mind.

In fact, the counsellor has the responsibility of taking the lead in this regard. He or she should be a beacon of “acceptance” without judgement.

When you start sharing personal information, the last thing you want is to feel criticised or judged.

Empathy Is A Valuable Trait For Counsellors

A strategy counsellors use to help people involves empathising. Taking serious time to see the situation through the eyes of those in need of guidance is not done easily.

However, it is necessary if the counsellor has any hope of grasping the situation.

The Ability To Stay Neutral

When it comes to couples counselling, it is very important that both parties are comfortable with the counsellor. And this cannot happen if the counsellor fails to show complete neutrality towards the situation.

It is not for the counsellor to decide who is right or wrong. They are there to steer you in the right direction as best they can. And this requires effort from the individuals and couples involved as well.

Honest And Considerate

The primary role of a counsellor is to create an honest and understanding environment. This helps the root of the problem to show itself quicker and more clearly.

Finding the origin of a major problem is the start towards leading healthier and happier lives. However, if you do not trust your counsellor to have your best interests at heart, they will probably not aid you in your situation.

Strong Ethics

It cannot be stressed enough how counsellors should be respectful at all times. This means keeping information confidential and never sharing anything confidential.

Strong ethics are critical for building stronger relationships during counselling. Otherwise, your counsellor is likely to be a disappointment.

Strive Towards Finding Long-Term Solutions

Another goal that is prioritised by counsellors is to come up with long-term solutions for those who seek help because counselling involves much more than just listening to others sharing their fears and problems.

It requires action from the counsellor in the form of valuable advice and guidance.

Find The Right Counsellor For You And Your Partner

Counselling is not a dirty word when you are in a relationship. Instead, it is a step in the right direction. In many cases, a simple miscommunication between couples can cause big problems.

Hence the reason for bringing in a neutral party, such as a professional relationship counsellor. For individuals in search of quality counselling, the same principles apply.

You want a counsellor with strong ethics and a reputation for helping people get over whatever is holding them back.

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