Counselling Services

Our personal and relationship counselling provides the opportunity for you to explore and develop an understanding of what you are going through. This can lead to realistic self-appraisal which can ignite the personal and/or relationship skills and qualities you need to have a positive effect.

Personal Counselling

Personal Counselling will provide you with the professional help to overcome significant personal problems. We will work together to achieve clarity, dissipate tension and regain confidence and direction.

Relationship Counselling

Relationship Counselling will help to reconcile troublesome differences and repeated patterns of stress in the relationship. This can often involve dealing with, anger, trust and integrity.
Relationship Counselling will focus on communication, commitment and future direction.

Couples Counselling

Couple counselling will help to improve the quality of the couples’ connection. Counselling will explore communication problems, actual or perceived issues with honesty, shared responsibility, commitment and mutual support.

Marriage Counselling

Counselling will help clarify issues and resolve conflict to improve the marriage. The counsellor will explore repetitive communication problems, family difficulties, intimacy concerns, anger, trust issues.

Parental Counselling

Parental counselling can help develop a better understanding and a more mature approach to parenting supported by strategies that can be used to understand and address problems

Depression, Stress and Anxiety Counselling

We can all experience depression, stress or anxiety. These can be normal responses to self-doubt and stressful events. Counselling can help with feelings of panic, worry, confusion or unease. The goal of counselling is to help regain strength and focus.