quality personal counsellor

If you are dealing with mental health issues, seeing a counsellor can be extremely useful. With that said, some providers are far better than others. 

Here are 7 signs that you are dealing with someone who is top quality.

1. They Are Very Supportive

When you are talking to your counsellor, does it seem like they are listening intently, or does it seem like they would rather be someplace else? 

If the former is true, that is a sign you are seeing someone who is a cut above. 

Everyone has an off day, but a great provider knows this should never interfere with the care they should be offering each client.

2. Great Communication

It is imperative that a counsellor is skilled at communicating. 

It is important that they are able to listen to all you have to say and respond accordingly. It should never feel like a one-sided relationship. 

3. They Are Empathetic

Just because someone has not experienced all of the same things that you have, it does not mean that they won’t have the ability to place themselves in your shoes; this is called empathy. 

Counsellors see people from all walks of life and it is essential that they are able to understand how someone is feeling while making an assessment and helping them decide what should be done next.

4. The Boundaries Are Clear

A counsellor is a professional and they should not be crossing any invisible lines. 

Even if you are personable and they like you as an individual, it is important that a client-professional relationship is established and there are no exceptions. 

This means that they should never do things like calling you in order to hang out or requesting personal information that is not relevant to your care.

5. You Feel Comfortable With Them

In order for a counsellor to help someone, the client has to feel comfortable enough to be themselves during sessions. 

This means there will be not be a desire to hold back information or be dishonest. 

If you are unable to connect with a counsellor and be forthcoming, it will be impossible for them to offer you the best possible care.

6. Multicultural Competency

It is sometimes difficult for the average person to connect with people from other cultures. 

If you have a counsellor who is from a different culture, yet they seem to totally understand where you are coming from, you should appreciate this. 

It takes a special kind of person to be able to do this effectively so make sure you appreciate this when you have it. 

Trying to find that in another counsellor again may prove to be quite difficult.

7. They Do Not Rush To Medicate

Sometimes there are counsellors who see someone once or twice before recommended they see a psychiatrist in order to be medicated. 

While there are many mental issues that are most often treated with prescription drugs, this does not mean that one should rush to this conclusion without considering alternatives. 

Yes, the reality is that you may need medication to stabilise your moods, but this should generally be viewed as an option after everything else has been exhausted. 

If you feel like you are being forced into taking something instead of trying to figure out the issue another way, you should look for a different provider.

Counselling is something that can be useful to people dealing with all types of issues that affect their mental health. 

If you’re not sure if your counsellor is up to the mark, then take a look at all of the signs that were mentioned above and figure out how many of them are applicable.

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